Help make a difference and protect Missouri's natural resources

natural resources photo
Gaylord A. Nelson, a former governor and U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, created the first Earth Day back on April 22, 1970 as a method to increase environmental awareness. Senator Nelson’s became an environmental leader who helped build the foundation for several environmental laws such as the Environmental Protection Act and the Clean Air Act, which began in 1970, and the Clean Water Act, which began in 1972.

Two years later in 1974, the people in our state recognized how important it was to protect and preserve our part of the world, and that's when the Missouri Department of Natural Resources was created.The department helps energy efficiency, helps develop mineral resources in an environmentally safe manner, protects Missouri's land, air and water resources and works to preserve the state's historic and natural heritage through state parks and state historic sites.We believe it is important work.

The remarkable success of Earth Day grew from the seed Senator Nelson planted back in 1970 and has continued to grow and flourish to this day.  We’ve come a long way since we celebrated the first Earth Day and we continue to learn how to improve environmental protection using new technologies and through better understanding.  Protecting our environment is no small task.  We need your help. We've included below some additional information and resources to learn about the environment and how you can help us protect it for future generations.

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