Laws and Regulations

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was created on July 1 under the Omnibus State Reorganization Act of 1974.

State regulations are developed through the rulemaking process, by departments or commissions given such authority by statute.

Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo) are available from the Revisor of Statutes, 573-526-1288.
Missouri Code of State Regulations (CSR) is available from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office, 573-751-4015.
Rules in Development
Missouri Statutes Director's Office - Division 1 Department Rulemaking
State Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority - Division 130 EIERA
State Parks - Division 90 State Parks
Air Pollution
Air Conservation Commission - Division 10 Air Pollution
Oil and Gas Council - Division 50 Missouri Geological Survey

Well Drillers, Pump Installers, Well Construction, Monitoring, Heat Pump Construction, and Test Hole Construction and Plugging - Division 23

Missouri Geological Survey
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Office - Division 24 Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste Management Commission - Division 25
Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund Board of Trustees -
Division 100
Land Reclamation
  • Land Reclamation Act - 444.760 to 444.790 (Quarries, sand and gravel, other non coal mining)
  • Strip Mine Law - 444.500 to 444.755 (Coal mines from 1972 to 1978)
  • Surface Coal Mining Law - 444.800 to 444.970 (Coal mines from 1978 to present)
  • Interstate Mining Compact Commission Act  - 444.400 to 444.420
  • All Chapters 444
Land Reclamation Commission - Division 40
Commission Chapter 1
Coal Rules Chapters 2 through 9
Industrial Minerals (Gravel and Quarries) Chapter 10
Land Reclamation
  • Missouri Metallic Minerals Waste Management Act - 444.350 to 444.380
  • All Chapters 444
Metallic Minerals Waste Management - Division 45
Soil and Water Conservation
Soil and Water Districts Commission - Division 70 Soil and Water
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management - Division 80 Solid Waste Management
Water Resources
Dam and Reservoir Safety and Council - Division 22 Water Resources
Water Quality
Clean Water Commission -
Division 20
Water Pollution Control Branch
Safe Drinking Water Commission - Division 60 Public Drinking Water Branch

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