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Winter Safety and Health Tips

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The time to get ready for winter is before the first flakes fall. Here are some tips to help you through any icy patches:

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You're stranded, now what?

Cars stuck in a blizzard artwork.Do you know how to survive if a blizzard traps you in your car?

What to do if stranded in vehicle during a blizzard.

Watch out for deer when driving!

As the weather cools off and the deer start moving here are few safety reminders (courtesy of the New York Department of Transportation):

Holiday decorations tips

FEMA: Put a Freeze on Winter Holiday Fires

Add water to live tree stands daily. This National Fire Protection video demonstrates how quickly a dry tree burns compared to one that is watered daily.

Winterize your home safely

Indoor space heaters add warmth but can be a dangerous fire hazard. When buying a space heater find one that has an automatic shut-off in the event it is tipped over. Make sure heater is on a level surface away from high-traffic and items that are flammable such as curtains, bedding or furniture.

Winterize your vehicle

Plan ahead for potential dangerous winter travel issues.

Vehicle emergency kits should include: clipart man scraping snow from windshield

Check (or have a mechanic check) these items on your vehicle:

Additional information

Winter weather safety information - National Weather Service information includes wind chill, frostbite and hypothermia; winter driving and winter driving techniques; outdoor activities; winter fires, carbon monoxide and home safety; and school safety.

Burn Season - Information on burn season and opening burning, including links to fact sheets.