Hazardous Waste Program

Risk-based corrective action process for petroleum storage tanks: 2013 Guidance Document Update                            

January 2014

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources initially published the Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Process for Petroleum Storage Tanks guidance document, commonly referred to as Tanks RBCA, in January 2004.  In March 2005, the department modified the Tanks RBCA process through the publication of several supplemental guidance documents.  In 2013, the department comprehensively updated the guidance, including the tier 1 risk-based target levels (RBTLs), to clarify various provisions, add a few new requirements, delete duplicative and unnecessary text, and combine all guidance into a single document.  The update effort included eliminating some of the supplemental guidance documents and incorporating others into the Tanks RBCA guidance document.  With this update, all guidance pertaining to Tanks RBCA is now found within the Oct. 17, 2013, version of the guidance document.

Both the Oct. 17, 2013 revised guidance and the modified 2004 guidance are available online or by contacting the Tanks Section of the department’s Hazardous Waste Program at 573-526-0971.

The following is a listing of all changes (except for several non-substantive grammatical and editorial changes) to the 2004 Tanks RBCA guidance that resulted from the 2013 guidance update effort.



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Section 8

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Section 12

Appendix B: Development of Risk-Based Target Levels

Appendix C: Evaluation of Vapor Intrusion Pathway

Appendix D: A Method for Determining if a Water Bearing Unit Should be Considered an Aquifer

Appendix F: Consideration of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons within the MRBCA Process

Appendix G: MRBCA Reporting Forms