Hazardous Waste Program

Hidden Hazards

How to do the right thing in your home and environment every day
Almost all Missourians use household hazardous products that eventually have the potential to become household hazardous waste.  Ordinary products such as glass cleaner, pesticides, antifreeze and motor oil can be dangerous if handled improperly.  When these products are not used up completely or are no longer wanted by the consumers, and need to be discarded, they become household hazardous waste. Although most hazardous waste generated from a single family dwelling can legally be disposed in the trash, the best practice is to dispose of your waste at a household hazardous waste collection event or permanent collection facilities. 

Here is a list of some common Hidden Hazards you’ll find in your home and environment.  If you come across these hazards tell an adult and let them research how these hazards are disposed of in your community. Visit our household hazardous waste site to learn more.

Dispose of household products safely
Household cleaning products and chemicals have many different ingredients, so it is best to check the label or call 1-877-EARTH-911.  Also, many communities hold special collection days or have special drop-off sites for harmful household products. Contact your local trash service for help or visit the Earth 911 page.

Try alternative products when available
For everyday tasks, try household products that are more environmentally friendly. Remember to follow the same rules about storing these products and never mix these products together.