Hazardous Waste Program

Technical Review of Bayer CropScience Hazardous Waste Permit Application

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources received a complete hazardous waste permit application from Bayer CropScience. The Department is inviting the public to review and offer written comments on the permit application while the Department conducts a technical review of the permit application.

Bayer is located at 8400 Hawthorne Road in Kansas City, Missouri and operates an active agricultural chemical manufacturing facility. Bayer originally submitted a permit application on Sept. 11, 2008 for renewal of their existing hazardous waste permit, which expired Dec. 9, 2008. State regulations allow the existing hazardous waste permit to continue in effect while the Department reviews the permit application.

The public can view and copy the permit application and supporting documents at the Kansas City Public Library, North-East Branch, during normal business hours, or by appointment only at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Hazardous Waste Program, 1730 E. Elm St., Jefferson City.

Comments on the permit application are effective if they point out legal or technical issues.  Please send written comments to Robert Clay, PE, at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Hazardous Waste Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176, by email or by fax to 573-526-5268.

Bayer produces and packages a variety of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides for crop protection. Bayer stores and incinerates the hazardous waste created during the on-site production processes and receives hazardous waste from other off-site Bayer production facilities. In addition to renewing their existing hazardous waste permit, Bayer is requesting to add a 24,000-gallon hazardous waste storage tank to their operations.

You may call or write Clay at any time to request to have your name placed on Bayer CropScience’s mailing list. By doing this, you will receive notice from the Department or Bayer CropScience on any major permitting and cleanup activities at the facility.

For more information on the permit application or the permitting process, contact Clay by telephone at 573-751-3553 or 800-361-4827. Hearing and speech-impaired individuals may reach Clay through Relay Missouri at 800-735-2966. If you would like to speak with a representative of Bayer CropScience, please contact Richard Rocha by telephone at 816-242-2793.