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Guiding Redevelopment of Abandoned Farm Supply Locations

Former Feed, Farm and Chemical Supply Store Inventory

old ag chem facility
Farm supply stores like this one in Washington,
Missouri, were once a proud, defining landmark in
many rural towns.
Photo courtesy Washington Historical Society

Throughout Missouri's history, feed, farm and chemical supply facilities were the heart of rural communities. Besides supplying farmers with the means to feed their family and make a living, the farm supply stores were a gathering place to catch up on the latest community news.

As the lifestyle of Missourians became more urban, many of these facilities closed. These properties may now be abandoned, or just be an empty lot.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is looking to create a list of these abandoned properties and is asking for your help identifying where these sites are located. The goal is to locate former feed, farm and chemical supply store properties where redevelopment could benefit the local community and where either real or suspected contamination from agriculture chemicals may be hampering redevelopment.

empty lot
An empty lot on Main Street in Washington's vibrant
downtown historic district is all that remains from the
property pictured at the top of this page.

Often in a central location of a community, these abandoned facilities can bring down nearby property values. Redevelopment can protect the environment, reinvigorate communities and jump-start local economies.

If you know of an abandoned feed, farm and chemical supply store that could benefit from redevelopment, contact us either through email, or by telephone at 800-361-4827.



Graphic of a farm in the spring time.

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Get more information about the Department's Feed, Farm and Chemical Supply Store Inventory process here. More information about the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program is available on the Web.