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Description: This group will assist the department in identifying the best approach to finalizing the next 303(d) list and in closing the gap on statewide monitoring needs. The group will also recommend a strategy to achieve and maintain timely future submittals of 303(d) lists to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Timeline: The 303(d) lists are due to EPA on April 1 of each even numbered year.

EPA has not required a schedule from the state on addressing the monitoring gap. The extent to which this gap can be addressed within the coming years may largely depend on the renewal or amount of the permit fees. The general expectation expressed by EPA was that Missouri eliminate the gap in its monitoring program identified in Missouri's monitoring strategy. 1.2MB

Final Methodology for the Development of the 2006 Section 303(d) List for Missouri

Final Methodology for the Development of the 2008 Section 303(d) List for Missouri Approved by the Clean Water Commission on Jan. 9, 2008.


Regular communication was sent to approximately 170 individuals. Approximately
20 people regularly attend public meetings or regularly sent comments on the
303(d) process.


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