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Hayti Heights Information

On May 28, 2010, Pemiscot County Judge Fred Copeland granted a request made by the State of Missouri to enter into a limited and temporary receivership for Hayti Heights’ drinking water and wastewater operations following a system failure that was brought to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ attention in January. 

During the next several months the department will be working with this community to ensure these vital services are repaired and a long-term plan for sustainable and safe operation is developed. 

As new information develops, the department will update the community through this website, as well as provide copies of these documents for public review at Hayti Heights city hall, the Library at Hayti and at Hayti City Hall. 

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Initial Report and Findings for Hayti Heights


Photo 1 The Pascola and Vista lift station has only one pump, which cannot be pulled because the rails have rusted away from the station walls (Photo #1).

Photo 1 The Brown's Grocery lift station is in the best condition. It is the only station where a pump can be physically pulled with an on-site crane. The station has only one pump. It does not work on automatic and must be manually switched on and off every two hours or so. MRWA personnel had to pull the pump five times in one day to remove towels, rags, and underwear (Photo #2) from the pump impeller that are being continually flushed by residents of the nearby housing complex.

Photo 1Currently, a huge grease "shelf" in the bottom of the station is serving to prevent floating rags and underwear from reaching the submerged impeller (Photo #3).

Photo 1 Department personnel were warned by MRWA to be careful to not touch the electrical control panel as it had a short somewhere in the wiring and would shock you if touched. This control panel at first glance appears to be in fair condition but upon further investigation is was discovered aluminum foil had been used to bypass fuses and some electrical components were melted (Photo #4).

Photo 1The lift station at Rappaport and 1st contains only one pump and cannot be pulled because the rails were damaged while attempting to pull the pump with a backhoe in the past. The chain is gone, so there in no way to access the pump from above ground (Photo #5).

Photo 1 Finally, the main lift station that pumps sewage to the City of Hayti contains only one pump that cannot be pulled because the chain is missing. MRWA personnel warned Department staff to be extremely careful at this station because the access doors have rusted completely off and a piece of plywood in being used as a cover for the wet well (Photo #7).

Photo 1 At 1-3/4 HP, this pump is undersized (should be 5 HP) and is being run continuously. MRWA personnel said it is extremely dangerous (shock potential) to try to restart the pump if turned off, so it is left to run 24/7. MRWA personnel have to use a screwdriver to bring in the contacts on the motor starter. The electrical panel box has fuses jumped with solid copper wires and shows signs of past electrical fires (Photo #6).