Water Protection Program

Section 319 Application Tools and Resources

Castor River, Mo

Other Potential Funding Sources
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Funding Opportunities
Watershed Funding Resources
Directory of Watershed Resources

Logic and Planning
Logic Model
Watershed Financial Planning
Watershed Planning Tool

Proposal Writing
Quick Guide to Writing a Watershed Management Plan
Proposal Writing Short Course (for reference only)

Informational Resources
EPA's Nonpoint Source Web page
U.S. EPA’s Watershed Central Wiki   
Water Elements of the New EPA Strategic Plan (link to complete plan)
What is a Total Maximum Daily Load/Impaired waters?
What is a Watershed?

Mapping Tools
Find your Watershed
EPA's Surf Your Watershed
EPA EnviroMapper
Watershed Map of AgNPS SALT Projects
CARES - Missouri Watershed Tool
DNR Interactive Mapping Tool

Water Quality and Assessment Information
EPA's Missouri Water Quality Assessment
Missouri's Water Quality Assessments and Impaired Water
Missouri Stream Team
EPA's WATERS Expert Query Tool
International BMP Database - BMP Monitoring Guidance

Educational and Outreach Tools
EPA's Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAPP) Guidance Information
EPA's Quality Management Tools - QA Project Plans
EPA's QAPP Guidance

EPA's QAPP Requirements - provides information for measurement, secondary data, model application projects, etc.
EPA Region 7, Quality Assurance Information
MoDNR QAPP Overview for Section 319 NPS Projects - discusses the various Section 319 NPS project QAPP levels and the QAPP elements that must be addressed per element
MoDNR QAPP Template for Section 319 NPS Projects - serves as a tool or template for QAPP developement

Watershed Based Planning
DNR Watershed Planning Guide Book (reference appendix for examples of watershed assessment forms)
DNR Watershed Planning Template
DNR Watershed Planning Worksheet
EPA's Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters
DNR Accepted Watershed Management Plans (ZIP files):

** Denotes Plans that are five years or older.

Watershed Models
EPA's STEPL and Region 5 Models

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