Water Protection Program

Missouri State Operating Permits

Permits Issued May 23, 2013 - May 29, 2013

We are posting final site-specific permits on the Internet as a means to increase the availability of this information. Permits will be placed on this site for public access as they are listed for final issuance.

Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits Issued May 23, 2013 - May 29, 2013

MO0110493 Jost Trailer Park WWTf


MO0048313 KC, Fishing River WWTF Clay
MO0133426 Mel Dore Acres Camden
MO0132004 Oak Creek Estates Cape Girardeau
MO0106992 Palace Lane Estates MHP Miller
MO0102628 Racquet Club Treatment Plant Camden
MO0121193 Scooter's Night Club Butler
MO0081426 St. Joseph's Hill Infirmary Jefferson
MO0113573 State Park Village WWTP Johnson
MO0100161 Table Rock Healthcare Center Stone
MO0088862 Verda Vista Apartments Jefferson
MO0129283 Village of Boulder Creek Cape Girardeau