Water Protection Program

Public Notice

Drinking Water Intended Use Plan


The Department of Natural Resources will hold a public meeting to discuss and take comments for the draft State Fiscal Year 2013 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan at 10 a.m., June 20, at the Lewis and Clark State Office Building, 1101 Riverside Drive, in Jefferson City.

The department is also soliciting comments on both the draft Priority Point Criteria and the draft Readiness to Proceed Criteria that will be used to rank new applications received for state fiscal year 2014.  Except for minor updates that do not affect the basic criteria, the department is proposing no changes to either of the criterion approved last year.  The deadline for 2014 applications is tentatively set for Nov. 15, 2012.

The department will accept comments on these drafts until June 20, 2012.  Comments can be submitted to the department’s Water Protection Program by: