Choose Environmental Excellence

Simple Steps to Improve Environmental Awareness

Choose environmental excellence logo.The Environmental Excellence Concept
Patterned after the successful Environmental Excellence Campaign that began in Kansas City in 1994, Choose Environmental Excellence is a partnership of business, government and private citizens acting together to improve our environmental awareness and actions in the daily choices we make.

Bridging the Gap Inc., one of the state’s largest non-profit environmental organizations, created the Environmental Excellence Campaign concept that now includes over 800 businesses, organizations and local governments, 23,000 individuals and 1,300 teachers as active participants in metropolitan Kansas City.

Choose Environmental Excellence is a process, not a program. The concept is to offer individuals, businesses, organizations and governments "simple steps" that they can take daily to make their work more environmentally sensitive. Each participant is asked to make a simple, voluntary commitment to do better.

Interest is determined at the local level with the recognition of a community based environmental issue or problem. The Environmental Excellence Campaign provides education, resources and support about waste reduction, recycling, air and water quality issues, transportation, energy and resource conservation. Citizens, businesses and local government come together to collectively contribute to a solution by moving toward environmental excellence.

Environmental Excellence Campaign Committee
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA) are members of the statewide steering committee. The EIERA is providing funding for the statewide Environmental Excellence Campaign. Other members of the statewide steering committee include the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, the Conservation Federation of Missouri and Bridging the Gap Inc. in Kansas City.

Examples of Environmental Excellence
Hallmark Cards drastically reduced its waste stream by 69 percent over the last seven years.

Allied Signal Federal Manufacturing and Technologies eliminated 4,000 plastic foam cups per day, providing free reusable mugs to its employees, and recycling 3,300 tons of asphalt chunks from their rebuilt parking lot.

Kansas City Power and Light committed bi-state support to both peregrine falcons in Kansas City and to preserve prairie wetlands near Gardner, Kansas.

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