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Wellhead Protection Section

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Water Wells

The Water Well Drillers Act, sections 256.000 to 256.640 RSMo, and the rules written to enforce this statute establish well construction standards aimed to protecting Missouri's groundwater.

The quality of groundwater in Missouri varies considerably across the state. Some areas have abundant, high quality groundwater, while other areas have naturally mineralized or muddy water. In some areas of Missouri, pre-existing land use and other practices, such as waste disposal, have contaminated the aquifers. Because of the variability of groundwater quality in Missouri, rules can NOT guarantee that water produced from a properly constructed well will be of useable quality. The well construction rules are designed to ensure that contamination from the surface is not entering the subsurface from an improperly constructed well. The rules establish minimum specifications for well construction. In certain cases, more casing and grout may be necessary to construct a well. Experienced permitted drillers or pump installers should be able to determine when more stringent construction would be necessary.

We offer a number of services that may be helpful in determining where, how and what to look for when drilling a new well. These services include but are not limited to:

We will also explain the minimum construction standards required for a new well in your local area. We have, in the past, used the combined data resources of the division to create maps to help inform drillers who construct wells in geologic/groundwater sensitive areas, and are always looking for new ways to apply our data to benefit the citizens of Missouri.