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Missouri Geological Survey Geo-Sciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool (GeoSTRAT)

Certified Wells

This data set provides information about wells that are certified by the state of Missouri. The parent data set is the Wellhead Information Management System (WIMS) database that is maintained by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Missouri Geological Survey. The WIMS database resulted from implementation of the Water Well Drillers' Act, enacted in 1985. The information about well location, well ownership, well completion date, well construction, well yield, static water level and borehole stratigraphy is provided by well drillers, as required by state statute RSMo 256.600-256.640 http://www.moga.mo.gov/statutes/chapters/chap256.htm. Files are available for wells drilled after November 1987. A WIMS well search is also available online at dnr.mo.gov/mowells/