Feb. 3 Safe Drinking Water Commission Meeting postponed

For more information: 573-751-1010
Volume 37-017 For Immediate Release: Jan. 28, 2009

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JAN. 28, 2009 -- The Missouri Safe Drinking Water Commission meeting scheduled for Feb. 3 has been postponed.  The commission will announce the new meeting date once it is determined. Updated information will also be posted online at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' website at www.dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/sdwc/index.html.

The Safe Drinking Water Commission adopts rules and regulations and advises the department on various drinking water issues. For more information or future meeting dates and agendas, contact Cynthia Bowser at the Department of Natural Resources at 800-361-4827 or 573-751-0124.