Kyle Scott Named March 2009 employee of the month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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Volume 37-064 For Immediate Release: March 19, 2009

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, --- For his dedication and commitment to helping others expecially during times of need, Kyle Scott is the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' March 2009 Employee of the Month. He is a Natural Resource Manager, Division of State Parks, and currently serves as superintendent at Wakonda State Park, LaGrange.

"Kyle's actions at both Wakonda and surrounding communities during the summer flood of 2008 exceeded even the high standards normally exhibited," said Kristi Purcell, the DSP assistant district supervisor who nominated Scott. "He worked long hours, without a day off, as the Mississippi River kept rising.  He monitored river levels and ensured park visitors were aware of the situation, always keeping their safety in mind when making decisions."

Scott made sure park visitors were evacuated and the park was closed. Once the park was secured, Scott assisted the local levee district in their sandbagging efforts in other areas within the district. When flood waters inundated the park, he assisted local landowners and other county, state and federal officials view properties in the area from river access at the park.

Once the levee protecting the park was breached, water was over park roads in a matter of hours and access in and out of the park was restricted. He made sure park buildings were sandbagged, equipment was accounted for and moved to higher ground -- including ten rental trailers, concession equipment, food and boat docks. He always kept district and central office staff informed about river stages and what he was doing within the park.

As the waters started to recede, Scott immediately began cleanup and rebuilding.  He was very diligent in documenting flood damage in the park in anticipation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency inspector's needs. When the inspector arrived, Scott had photo documentation of damage as well as a written document that addressed each area of the park and what damages were sustained.

"Kyle's knowledge of the park and his documentation of damages enabled the inspections by FEMA to go very smoothly and ensured that the park received the federal funding we were entitled to," said Purcell. "We received very favorable comments from the FEMA inspectors about how well organized Kyle was and how much easier he made their job at Wakonda."

In the midst of the flood cleanup at Wakonda, the Battle of Athens State Historic Site sustained major damage from another storm that went through the area. This happened less than a week before a battle re-enactment event was to be held at the site. Scott pulled together his entire full-time and seasonal crew and took them to Athens, along with equipment from Wakonda, to clean up debris, cut up downed trees and restore the area so reenactors and visitors could enjoy the event and safely camp.

When the park ranger stationed at Wakonda was temporarily assigned to another facility, Scott volunteered to have his law enforcement commission reinstated even though it meant additional workload and extra time in training for him. "This is just another example of Kyle's unselfish attitude and always doing what's best for Wakonda State Park and the division, not only for his actions during the flood event of 2008, but for the way he conducts himself on a daily basis," said Purcell.

Scott began working with the Department as an assistant park superintendent in June 1998.  He resides in LaGrange.


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