Bulldog Biodiesel -- Creating Sustainable Alternative Fuel for Rural Missouri

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Volume 37-105 For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources applauds the partnership of the Northeast Missouri Solid Waste Management District and Truman State University, which resulted in the development of Bulldog Biodiesel.  This project was developed to provide an outlet for waste vegetable oil from the University's food services, local restaurants and community residents who use Truman State University's recycling center.

"The Bulldog Biodiesel project helps the environment, local restaurants and the University food services dispose of waste oil at no cost to them," said Department of Natural Resources Director Mark Templeton.

The Northeast Missouri Solid Waste Management District recently awarded a $34,000 grant towards Bulldog Biodiesel's sustainable fuel efforts.  The group has produced approximately 1,200 gallons of fuel since its inception and expects to produce 5,000 gallons during the next year.  Grant funds will be used to purchase additional equipment, expand operation and increase production of biodiesel fuel. The group's goal is to have all University farm and physical plant diesel vehicles powered by Bulldog Biodiesel. 

"We are pleased to partner with Truman State University and the Bulldog Biodiesel project.  We believe this project will inspire future good works toward the further development of "green" alternative fuels to address solutions to this important environmental issue," said Nate Walker, Executive Director of the Northeast Missouri Solid Waste Management District.

"Traditionally, this waste is placed in a landfill or even worse," said Josh Hirner, senior Truman student and manager of Bulldog Biodiesel. "Some of these companies that run these restaurants have to pay other companies to come collect their oil, so right now they're very happy to give it to us."

For more information about solid waste management districts and grant opportunities, visit the Department's web site at www.dnr.mo.gov/env/swmp/swmd/swmdinfo.htm or call 573-751-5401.