News Release 65

Department of Natural Resources releases list of well drilling industry contractors without

Volume 38-065 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Larry Archer

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, FEB. 10, 2010 -- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources today released the most recent list of well drilling industry contractors who no longer carry permits to perform work in Missouri.

The 46 contractors on the list previously held a permit with the department to operate in Missouri as a contractor for water well, pump, heat pump or monitoring well installations.

There are many possible reasons why the individuals listed may not hold a permit. Those may include retirement, change in occupation or job duties, failure to apply for a renewal or enforcement actions taken against contractors who violated the Water Well Driller's Act. The department is encouraging those who had a well drilled by someone included in the list to contact the department for further information.

The Well Driller's Act became effective in 1986. It establishes minimum well construction standards and requires contractors to be permitted by the state. The law was created to protect Missouri groundwater from contamination resulting from improperly constructed wells. Improperly constructed wells may act as conduits for contaminants such as septic tank effluent. Contaminated groundwater exposes Missourians of all ages to serious health risks that can result from water borne diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and giardiasis.

Those contractors who no longer carry permits to work in Missouri include:

Name-City/State (County)

Bobby Dillard -- Mammoth Springs, Ark.
Gregory Clark -- Mansfield, Mo. (Wright)
Scott Haitz -- Reston, Va.
Ashley Coffman -- Jefferson City, Mo. (Cole)
Nicholas Bauer -- St. Charles, Mo. (St. Charles)
Bob Schmidt -- New Melle, Mo. (St. Charles)
David Johnson -- Springfield, Mo. (Greene)
Donna Lewis -- Conroe, Texas.
Stephen Pitman -- Troy, Mo. (Lincoln)
Ross Lowden -- Independence, Mo. (Jackson)
Richard Williams -- Laurel, Miss.
Erika Thompson -- Columbia, Ill.
Glen Jungmeyer -- Eldon, Mo. (Miller)
Michelle Eaton -- O'Fallon, Ill.
Matthew Council -- Springfield, Mo. (Greene)
Carrie Stull -- Lenexa, Kan.
H Jean Tichenor -- Wheaton, Mo. (Barry)
Harris Tinnin, Jr. -- Farmington, Mo. (St. Francois)
Paul Traynor -- Troy, Mo. (Lincoln)
Joseph Thomas II -- Eldersburg, Md.
Matthew Baraby -- Eldersburg, Md.
Carmelo Blazekovic -- Kansas City, Mo. (Jackson)
Robert Maxwell -- Chamois, Mo. (Osage)
John Layton -- Fenton, Mo. (St. Louis)
Tiffany Chapman -- Richmond Heights, Mo. (St. Louis)
Matthew Lafferty -- Marshfield, Mo. (Webster)
C. George Lynn -- St. Louis, Mo. (St. Louis)
Michael Wollersheim -- Ava, Mo. (Douglas)
David Guyan -- Paducah, Ky.
Edward Harriss -- Freeburg, Ill.
Thomas Bauder -- Kansas City, Kan.
Brandon Gomer -- Kansas City, Mo. (Jackson)
Mark McEwen -- Macon, Mo. (Macon)
Keith Meyers -- Oconto Falls, Wis.
Cecil Michael -- Tiff City, Mo. (McDonald)
David Norton -- Martinsburg, Mo. (Audrain)
Jerome Helms -- Fredericktown, Mo. (Madison)
Katherine Williams -- Kansas City, Kan.
Daniel Ross -- Carthage, Mo. (Jasper)
Karl Ruhmann -- St. Charles, Mo. (St. Charles)
William Kremer -- St. Louis, Mo. (St. Louis)
John Stacy -- Fredericktown, Mo. (Madison)
Frank Shell -- Lenexa, Kan.
Joseph Carman -- Omaha, Neb.
Jarrod Yearwood -- Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Kenneth Emmendorfer -- Union, Mo. (Franklin)

Anyone with questions regarding this list can contact the Department of Natural Resources' Wellhead Protection Section at 800-361-4827 or 573 368-2115.