News Release 131

DNR, DED present Monroe County Public Water Supply District #2 with $2.9 million for drinking water improvements

Volume 38-131 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Renee Bungart,
DNR 573-751-4465
John Fougerea,
DED 573-522-5058

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, MARCH 19, 2010 – During a ceremony held today, the Missouri departments of Natural Resources and Economic Development presented the Monroe County Public Water Supply District #2 with $2,940,553 in grants and loan for drinking water improvements.

The Department of Natural Resources provided a $1,065,250 grant and a $1,065,200 loan through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s State Revolving Fund program. In addition to the Recovery Act funding, the department awarded a $310,103 Rural Water grant. The Department of Economic Development’s Community Development Block Grant program provided the district with a $500,000 grant.

The Recovery Act provides significant funding to assist communities with infrastructure needs for water quality, wastewater and drinking water.  This infusion of grant and loan funding will help the district protect its customers and the environment by making necessary drinking water improvements.

The Monroe County PWSD #2 now serves customers across three counties, Monroe, Audrain and Montgomery.  “I appreciate the district’s commitment to the environment and recognizing the importance of improving its system,” said Mark N. Templeton, Director of the Department of Natural Resources. “It’s this commitment along with the support and funding from DNR and DED that will help lead the way to a sustainable economic recovery in Missouri.”

The district will replace approximately 2,700 self read water meters with new radio read meters. The new radio system will transmit the water readings directly to the district. Many of the district’s customers are either physically unable to read their meters or do not reside in the area full time.  A leaking water line can go undetected if an owner does not return for several weeks. The new system will be able to pinpoint water loss from a meter that has not shut off and the district will be able to notify the homeowner. The improved meters will save customers money from a potentially high water bill if a leak occurs and will save them time as they will no longer be required to read their meter. The new system will also save the district time and fuel from trying to find the source of a leak, and save the most precious natural resource - drinking water.

In addition to the water meters, the district will use the grant and loan to install a new 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank, new booster pump station and distribution system improvements. The district will contribute $100,000 to the projects. The projects are estimated to cost $3,040,553 and expected to be completed in December of 2010.

The Department of Natural Resources received the Recovery Act funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The department’s Water Protection Program will administer the grant and loan funds.  The department is committed to working closely with communities to assist with funding efforts that support water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects as well as provide a financial savings.

The Community Development Block Grant program, administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, provides grants and loan funds to cities with a population under 50,000 and counties under 200,000 to assist in a variety of public works and economic development projects. For more information, contact DED’s Director of Communications John Fougere at 573-522-5058.

For more information on the federal Recovery Act, visit  For more information on Missouri’s transform initiatives, visit  For more information, contact the department’s Water Protection Program, Financial Assistance Center, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or call 800-361-4827 or 573-751-1192 or visit the department’s web site at