News Release 273

Fred Weber Sanitary Landfill notifies neighbors of methane issues

Volume 38-273 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Renee Bungart

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, MAY 4, 2010 – Fred Weber, Inc. has notified property owners and tenants near the Fred Weber Sanitary Landfill in St. Louis County of the possibility of methane gas migration in the area, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources announced today. 

Fred Weber Inc. the owner and operator of the Fred Weber Sanitary Landfill at 2320 Creve Coeur Mill Road in Maryland Heights, has provided notification to property owners and tenants within 1,000 feet of monitoring wells exhibiting methane levels above regulatory limits.  Fred Weber has notified in person or by phone the local fire department, Pattonville High School, four tenants on the Fred Weber property and one private property owner.

The Department of Natural Resources has been working with the landfill on methane issues since 1994. An active gas extraction system was installed at the landfill and has been expanded several times as the facility expanded, in a proactive approach to manage methane generated by the landfill.  Despite actions Fred Weber has taken to address methane, the concentrations have periodically exceeded regulatory limits.

On April 5, the landfill notified the department that methane gas in excess of the regulatory limits had been found in three of four recently installed monitoring wells.  The landfill is currently working to define the source and extent of the methane gas. The landfill is also checking the methane gas composition to determine if the source is related to a coal seam encountered by the wells. The department continues to work with Fred Weber as it installs new extraction wells and takes steps to stop the migration and return to compliance.

Landfill gas is a term for a mixture of gases, including methane, carbon dioxide, and trace constituents of other contaminants that are byproducts of the decomposition of waste.  The concern about landfill gas migrating from the landfill is that methane is explosive within a certain range of concentrations.  Methane is colorless and odorless.

The Department of Natural Resources encourages nearby property owners to be aware of the potential for methane migration in the area and cooperate with Fred Weber as they conduct methane monitoring and provide methane detectors to those within the notification area.

For additional information, contact the Department of Natural Resources’ Solid Waste Management Program at 800-361-4827 or 573-751-5401.