News Release 413

Columbia man referred to attorney general for solid waste violations

Volume 38-413 (For immediate release)
Contact: Larry Archer

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JULY 22, 2010-- The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has referred the case against a Columbia man to the Missouri Attorney General's Office to pursue legal action for violations of Missouri’s Solid Waste Management Law and regulations.

The department referred Robert Chamberlain to the attorney general alleging he improperly disposed of approximately 1,200 scrap tires generated from his scrap tire hauling activities.

"When businesses violate the law and are unable or unwilling to return to compliance, we will ask the attorney general to pursue legal action to protect public health and our state’s resources,” said Mark N. Templeton, Director of the Department of Natural Resources.

In February 2008, the department investigated reports that Chamberlain was accumulating scrap tires generated from his scrap tire hauling activities in and around two storage units at two separate locations in Columbia.  The department found the reports to be accurate and conducted a state funded cleanup of both sites.

The department has been working with Chamberlain to recover the costs incurred to clean up the sites and obtain an appropriate penalty.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has exhausted efforts to obtain voluntary compliance from Chamberlain and has referred the matter to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office for resolution and cost recovery.

Missouri's Solid Waste Management Law exists to protect public health and the environment, and the department is responsible for enforcing the law and regulations.

The department’s enforcement actions help protect human health and the environment by requiring facilities to maintain compliance. The department’s main goal in any enforcement action is to work with a facility or individual to successfully achieve compliance with the standards and ensure they have the tools to remain in compliance.  As part of that process, penalties may be used to help ensure future compliance by removing the economic benefit of continued noncompliance.

The department strives to work with owners and operators to fix problems before an issue is referred. In situations where the responsible party is unwilling or unable to cooperate to bring the activities into compliance and be protective of human health and the environment, the department will refer the case to the Attorney General’s Office for legal action.

For more information, contact the department’s Solid Waste Management Program at 573-751-5401 or call toll-free at 800-361-4827.