News Release 433

Department of Natural Resources holds first ever energy-efficiency reverse auction

Volume 38-433 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Judd Slivka

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JULY 29, 2010 – Missourians will realize significant energy savings as 23 companies competed Wed., July 28 in what is believed to be the first-ever reverse auction held for energy efficiency, in which companies competed to provide the greatest energy savings at the lowest public cost.

The reverse auction was held as part of the Energize Missouri Industries program, an initiative of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The overall goal of the online auction is to provide industries and commercial entities with the opportunity to realize measurable energy savings that will result in reduced energy costs and increased market competitiveness.

When all the winners fully implement their programs, Missouri could save up to 75 million kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy, equivalent to powering 6,537 homes for a year or taking 10,299 cars off the road for a year.

The online reverse auction allowed pre-qualified providers to bid on $3 million in incentives on a $/kWh saved basis for expected energy efficiency projects. Available incentive dollars were allocated based on a lowest-price obtained, thus increasing the cost-effectiveness of the program and allowing the Department to spread the dollars further. 

“We have new, hard evidence that some energy-efficiency investments in Missouri can cost less than the current cost of power,” said Mark N. Templeton, Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “Innovative procurement tools can help Missourians save real dollars. These grants are an investment in this state’s long-term energy savings and industrial competitiveness.”

The winning bidders were:

$500,000 grants

$250,000 grants

$100,000 grants

The 16 reverse auction winners will have two years to identify industrial and commercial customers to implement energy efficiency projects to expend their allotment of incentive funds and fulfill their energy savings obligation to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The Department will work closely with the reverse auction winners to assist with funding efforts that support energy efficiency projects as well as provide a financial savings. The winning bidders must have their energy-savings plans reviewed by the department before implementation.