News Release 549

Patrick Anderson named September 2010 Employee of the Month by Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Volume 38-549 (For Immediate Release)
Contact: Philip J. Tremblay

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, SEPT. 22, 2010 --- Patrick J. Anderson has been selected as the September 2010 Employee of the Month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. He is an environmental engineer with the federal facilities section, Hazardous Waste Program, Jefferson City, and displays exceptional skill as a state project manager at the Weldon Spring disposal site in St. Charles County.

In nominating Anderson for recognition, Branden Doster, one of his supervisors, said, “Patrick has become jack-of-all-trades within the federal facilities section; he helps out wherever there is need. In doing so he has developed a great deal of flexibility, knowledge and an ability to get along with others. He strives to build and maintain relationships with the many agencies and stakeholders at our federal facility sites.”

Weldon Spring hosts one of the largest radioactive and hazardous waste disposal cells in the U.S. It is seven stories high, 45 acres wide and is located across the street from the Busch Conservation Area, an area that is environmentally sensitive and accessible to the public.

“Patrick ensures that human health and the environment are protected, and that the community is included in the decisions being made at the Weldon Spring site,” said Doster.

Anderson has maintained a solid relationship with federal Department of Energy staff as well as their contractors and other state agencies represented at the Weldon Spring disposal site. He regularly attends both internal and public meetings regarding the site, and has provided contributions in technical matters, community relations and event planning.

In early 2009, Anderson was involved in adjourning the DOE-sponsored Weldon Spring Citizens Commission that had served the community since 1996. The commission’s service had come to an end and the Department of Natural Resources took the opportunity to thank those citizens for their hard work and skills. Anderson was involved in securing proclamations from the legislature; assisting with the paperwork and picking up the finished product. He also assisted DOE, DNR and other agencies in providing representation at the event.

In the fall of 2009, Anderson assisted with a Department of Energy event that honored uranium workers. The event hosted nearly 400 former workers, their families and state and federal dignitaries. He attended many meetings and planning sessions, coordinated internally with DNR management and staff, and actively participated in the event.

“Patrick showed an easy-going attitude and willingness to work hard,” said Doster. “His knowledge of the site and his communication style made for a well-coordinated, successful event that was highly publicized and honored the many citizens who supported the war effort.”

Anderson’s hard work is also a reminder that projects such as these are not the work of one person but the culmination of many working together to provide for the citizens of Missouri.

In early 2010, working within the Hazardous Waste Program, Anderson helped sample sludge related to tannery operations near Cameron. He spent many days assisting the HWP’s superfund section. They were short-handed and sampling needed to be done quickly due to the high profile of the case and the type of contaminants involved.

Nearly 700 soil samples were collected and had to be processed and analyzed with a complex field screening instrument known as a XRF, prior to shipment for further laboratory analysis. Anderson was present from the first day until the last day of the sampling effort – he was the only person on the team who was present every day.

According to Superfund Section Chief Dennis Stinson, “Having the continuity of Patrick’s presence throughout the XRF analysis was absolutely invaluable to the project. Without his help, the sample analysis would not have finished within the tight time constraints.”

Anderson started working for the Department in January 2007 and lives in Jefferson City.


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