News Release 582

Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program ends Oct. 10
Consumers encouraged to mail in reserved rebate documentation within 60 day deadline

Volume 38-582 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, OCT. 8, 2010 – The Energize Missouri Appliance Rebates are in limited supply. Missourians have been taking full advantage of the rebate program that provides appliances at lower costs, reduces home utility expenses and benefits Missouri businesses.

Consumers have 60 days from the time a reservation is made to submit their paperwork for processing. All unused rebates will be reallocated back to retailer or installation contractors to reserve on behalf of new customers. The remaining rebates will be available on a limited basis until the program ends on Oct. 10.  Consumers who have reserved rebates should submit their paperwork quickly to ensure they receive their rebate.

Until the program ends, consumers who have not taken advantage of the rebates should request participating retailers and installation contractors to check the Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate computer system to see if there are rebates available.  

In addition to the Energize Missouri appliance rebates, consumers may also find additional savings or rebates available through their local utility company. Missourians who wish to contact local utilities to explore the availability of utility-based rebates or incentives from their electric or gas utility providers can visit the department’s list of providers at:

Funding for the Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program, with its $5.6 million in funding, is part of a larger $300 million federal program aimed at energy conservation, energy efficiency and economic recovery funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

For more information about the Energize Missouri Appliance Rebate Program, residents or consumers may visit the Web at or by calling toll-free 877-541-4848.