News Release 610

LaBarque Creek nominated to become Outstanding State Resource Water

Volume 38-610 (For Immediate Release)
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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, OCT. 19, 2010-- LaBarque Creek in Jefferson County has been nominated to become an Outstanding State Resource Water, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  The department will hold a public meeting to discuss the possible designation at 6 p.m., Oct. 26 at the Bud Weber Community Center in Eureka City Park.

A water designated as an Outstanding State Resource Water is a surface water that provides outstanding recreational opportunities, supports valuable fisheries and wildlife habitat, has good water quality and is not significantly affected by human activities.  These designations are intended to meet federal Clean Water Act obligations requiring Missouri to adopt an antidegradation policy designed to prevent any lowering of water quality, especially in those waters having significant ecological or cultural value.

The creek was nominated by the LaBarque Creek Watershed Association.  The final decision on the designation of LaBarque Creek as an Outstanding State Resource Water will be made by the Missouri Clean Water Commission.