News Release 304

"Wednesdays @ 1" programs featured at the Missouri State Museum

Volume 39-304 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

Jefferson City, MO., SEPT. 8, 2011- Join staff of the Missouri State Museum in the state Capitol each Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a continuing series of interactive programs exploring various aspects of Missouri’s cultural and natural history. The “Wednesdays @ 1” programs continue through September and October. Although the main audience is children age 6-12 years, the programs will appeal to all ages.

· Sept. 14- Birds of prey

Totally different from songbirds, hawks and owls have the tools to be natural hunters.

· Sept. 21- Meet a Frontiersman

Discover how a “real” frontiersman lived using the resources he found around him.

· Sept. 28 - Drums of the Civil War

There are many stories about the young drummer boys of the Civil War but the real story is the drum itself.

· Oct. 5 - Bear Aware

Black bears are a historic part of Missouri’s landscape with healthy populations of bears in some of the state’s wild areas. Should we really fear them?

· Oct. 12 - Songs of the Civil War

Songs and music were very important to Civil War soldiers. Learn some new songs and how to play some musical instruments of the time.

· Oct. 19 - Bats of Missouri

Myths and stories surround bats but the truth about these tiny mammals can be even stranger!

· Oct. 26- Fossils

Find out about fossils and how they can be identified.

The Missouri State Museum is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located inside the Missouri State Capitol at 201 W. Capitol Avenue. Programs will take place in the Education Room of the History Hall on the first floor.

For more information, contact the museum at 573-751-2854 or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources toll free at 800-334-6946 (voice) or 800-379-2419 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). For more information about state parks and historic sites, visit