News Release 263

Department of Natural Resources awards $10,000 to clean up sink hole in Laclede County

Volume 39-263 (For Immediate Release)
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded $10,000 to the Meramec Regional Planning Commission for the cleanup of a Laclede County sinkhole that has been linked to pollution of one of the state’s largest springs. The sinkhole was used as an illegal dumping site for trash, tires, appliances, furniture, construction waste, used motor oil, dead animals and other unwanted items for decades. The site has been identified as a source of pollution in the region.

The Department of Natural Resources awarded the grant to the planning commission, which is working in partnership with the Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy, to cleanup Goodwin Sinkhole and Goodwin Pit Cave in Laclede County. The effort is known formally as the Partnership for Cleaner Water Through Illegal Dump Cleanup, Education and Community Involvement Project.

The Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Geology and Land Survey conducted a dye trace of the Goodwin Sinkholes and verified that it flows underground and emerges 10 miles away at Ha Ha Tonka Spring. The spring is the 11th largest spring in the Ozarks, discharging 50 million gallons per day and is part of Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The goal of the project is to reduce the effects of pollution from the sinkhole on water quality in the spring.

The Meramec Regional Planning Commission will provide a match contribution of $7,426 during the life of the project bringing the total cost to $17,426. The sponsor expects to complete this project by Aug. 31, 2013.
In addition to the Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy, partners in this collaborative effort include the Laclede County Commission, Laclede County Road and Bridge Department, and the Department of Natural Resources’ Solid Waste Management Program.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 7 has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The Department of Natural Resources’ Water Protection Program will administer the grant funds. The department is committed to working closely with communities and businesses to assist with funding efforts that improve water quality in Missouri. For more information, contact the Water Protection Program at P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or call 800-361-4827 or 573-751-1300.