News Release 118

One state park beach temporarily closed for water quality issues

Volume 39-118 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

One state park swimming beach is temporarily closed for water quality issues, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

St. Joe's Monsanto Lake Beach located in Park Hills is closed following results of water samples taken Monday that indicated bacteria levels higher than those recommended for waters used for swimming. Once a test from the public beach indicates the bacteria levels are within the standard suitable for swimming, the beach will reopen. St. Joe State Park has a second designated swimming beach, Pim Lake Beach, which remains open to the public.

The department collects water samples from all designated beaches in the state park system weekly during the recreational season to determine suitability for swimming. Beaches will be closed for high bacteria when a single E. coli sample exceeds 235 cfu/100ml or when the geometric mean – a 30-day rolling average – exceeds 126 cfu/100 ml. The sample test results indicate a snap shot of the water quality taken at the beaches at a specific time; however, a single sample does not provide an overall sense of the water quality in the lake where the beach is located.

The department will post the information about the beach status on the website at as well as Visitors to Missouri State Parks are able to sign up to receive free electronic notices about the status of state park beaches while visiting the department’s beach status website.

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