DNR Integrated Strategic Plan October 1, 2000.

Photo of Bourbeuse River.(Left) Front Cover: The old Highway 185 bridge in Washington County spans the Bourbeuse River near Noser Mill.
Photo by Nick Decker.

The Department of Natural Resources envisions a Missouri where people live and work in harmony with our natural and cultural resources, make decisions that result in a quality environment, and prosper today and in the future.

The mission of the Department of Natural Resources is to preserve, protect and enhance Missouri’s natural, cultural and energy resources and to inspire their enjoyment and responsible use for present and future generations.

We take seriously our responsibility of stewardship to protect and enhance the environment in which we work and live, and will consider all aspects of the environment when making decisions. To do this we value:

  • Integrity above all
  • Openness to all individuals and points of view
  • Diversity in people and approach
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Service

Table of Contents

Strategic Issue 1
Missouri’s Water Resources
Goal: Protect and enhance the quality and quantity of Missouri's water resources
Outcome A Improved protection of Missouri’s water resources (Show-Me Result)
Outcome B Sufficient quantity and quality of groundwater resources
Outcome C Improved drinking-water quality in Missouri (Show-Me Result) by public water supplies that meet all heath-related
government standards

Strategic Issue 2
Missouri’s Air Resources
Goal: Protect and enhance the quality of Missouri’s air resources
Outcome A Improved air quality in Missouri (Show-Me Result)
Outcome B Protection of the pristine air quality areas of the state
Outcome C Reduction in Missouri’s contribution to global climate change

Strategic Issue 3
Missouri’s Land Resources
Goal: Protect and enhance Missouri’s land resources
Outcome A Improved protection of Missouri’s land resources (Show-Me Result) available for productive use while providing for human health, safety and protection of the environment
Outcome B Improved protection of Missouri’s land resources (Show-Me Result) through environmentally responsible
management of solid and hazardous waste

Strategic Issue 4
Preservation and enjoyment of Missouri’s significant natural and cultural resources
Goal I: To protect and preserve the integrity of Missouri’s significant natural features and cultural resource heritage
Outcome A Protection and enhancement of Missouri’s significant natural features
Outcome B Preservation of Missouri’s cultural resources heritage

Goal II: To provide opportunities for all citizens to enjoy Missouri’s natural and cultural resources and the benefits
they provide toward health and quality of life
Outcome A Increased availability of Missouri’s state park system and outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the state
Outcome B Enjoyment of Missouri’s state park system

Strategic Issue 5
Energy use in Missouri
Goal: Promote energy efficiency and diverse energy supplies to protect the environment
Outcome A Decreased energy operating costs for Missouri’s firms, farms, families and communities
Outcome B Decreased ratio of state government operating expenditures to Missouri personal income (Show-Me Result)
Outcome C Increased energy resource options for Missouri

Strategic Issue 6
Effective DNR operations
Goal I: Assure that DNR's workforce and procurement choices mirror the diversity of Missouri
Outcome A Increased representation of minorities and women in upper-level salary ranges in state government (Show-Me Result)
Outcome B Increased representation of minorities and women in state purchasing (Show-Me Result)

Goal II: Enhance DNR's ability to operate effectively and efficiently to address resource needs
Outcome Public Service

Photo of Cedar Creek.(Right) Back Cover: Snow dusts the treetops and banks along Cedar Creek as the stream winds its way through Mark Twain National Forest in central Missouri. The creek begins north of Interstate 70 and runs along the border between Boone and Callaway counties before emptying into the Missouri River.
Photo by Nick Decker.