Strategic Issue 6.

Assure that DNR's workforce and procurement choices mirror the diversity of Missouri. The Department of Natural Resources is an array of programs striving to protect and enhance our natural resources. This diversity of programs brings strength to the department and the opportunity to provide quality services in light of changing priorities, ongoing issues and new challenges. A diversity of staff brings strength to our decision making and actions.

America's workforce is changing. It is a workforce of individuals who bring different resources and perspectives to the workplace. The same is true of those who call Missouri home. DNR must deal with that change on an ongoing basis.

The department's focus is on enhancing the diversity of our staff and increasing purchases made from minority- and women- owned businesses. The department strives to increase the diversity of staff throughout DNR, with the desire to increase diversity in the upper salary ranges that are typically supervisory, managerial or specialized technical positions. To accomplish this, a comprehensive effort to encourage minority and female students to pursue degrees in the natural resource field to training throughout one's career must be undertaken.

To enhance diversity in Missouri's business community, DNR seeks to increase purchases from minority- and women-owned businesses. Efforts will be taken to identify what types of goods and services the department purchases, targeting our efforts to identify minority- and women-owned businesses that can provide those items and communicating that information both within the department and with other state agencies. Currently, 4.43 percent of DNR's purchases are from minority-owned businesses and 1.17 percent from women-owned businesses. DNR will aggressively strive to meet and exceed the targeted goals of 10 percent and 5 percent respectively.

Enhance DNR's ability to operate effectively and efficiently to address resource needs. The Department of Natural Resources has opportunities to collaborate and communicate with the many stakeholders involved in natural, energy and cultural resource use, protection and preservation. With sound, unbiased information and forums for exchange, we can increase our collaborative efforts with the public, the regulated community, various governmental agencies and others impacted by our actions. To accomplish this, the multitude of data collected by the department needs to be made more available in a variety of formats from traditional paper copies to the electronic media.

To provide excellent public service, DNR will focus on several operational areas. Facilities for our staff are not sufficient and the demand for our data, products and services is more than our current capability. To alleviate that need, the department will build a new office building that uses energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable building practices. The department envisions this building to be both a commitment to our mission and an opportunity for others to learn how to utilize environmentally protective construction. In addition, present DNR buildings will be renovated.

To continuously improve our public service, DNR must provide career enhancement opportunities for all employees. DNR traditionally has a low turnover rate, which may change during the next several years with the new retirement options. To meet this challenge, the impact of these changes must be assessed, and new options developed.

Goal I

Assure that DNR's workforce and procurement choices mirror the diversity of Missouri

Outcome A.

Increased representation of minorities and women in upper-level salary ranges in state government (Show-Me Result)

Outcome Measure

Statewide data of minorities and women earning more than $40,000 per year


Increase minority and female representation for DNR

Objective Measure

Minority and female representation for DNR



Outcome B.

Increased representation of minorities and women in state purchasing (Show-Me Result)

Outcome Measure

Percent of purchases from Minority and Women Business Enterprises (statewide)


Increase the percentage of DNR total dollars in purchases from Minority and Women Business Enterprises by 2003 as follows:

Objective Measure

Percent of purchases from Minority Business Enterprises and Women Business Enterprises for DNR



Goal II

Enhance DNR's ability to operate effectively and efficiently to address resource needs


Public service

Outcome Measure

Efficient and effective public service is the cornerstone to the operation of the department and attainment of its mission. Being operational, there is no measure for this outcome.

Objective 1

Increase access to all DNR information, products and services.


Objective 2

Provide adequate facilities for the public and work environment for all DNR staff.


Objective 3

Enhance employees' ability to provide excellent customer service.


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