Agriculture Cost Share Grant Agreements

As of July 30, 2010
Total cost share grants awarded - $6,180,698
Number of grants awarded - 1,597

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Project Descriptions

Solar Electric Fences are green solutions for keeping livestock where they’re supposed to be. They deliver a short, sharp shock to wandering livestock, keeping them in pasture. And because they’re solar powered, they’re ideal for remote areas that aren’t close to the power grid.

Solar Powered fencers components approved: solar powered chargers for electric fences, photovoltaic (PV) panels, posts to mount the charger, grounding rods and wire to connect rods to the charger, wire to connect the charger to the fence (less than 100 feet).

Insulated waterers are safe, inexpensive way to provide fresh, clean, algae-free water to horses and livestock.

Insulated Waterers components approved:  Insulated and frost-free waterers, valves, pipe to connect the tank to the water system (less than 50 feet), base or platform for the tanks (less than 100 sq feet).  Tanks with heaters are not eligible. Trenching is not eligible.

Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance systems can help farmers avoid overseeding, returning to a field multiple times and overwatering. A GPS system can save farmers up to 5 percent a year in fuel and other energy savings, as well as helping farmers spend less for seed, fertilizer, pesticide and water.

Global Positioning System components approved:  Receiver and auto-track systems for tractors, combines and sprayers, light bars, GPS mapping screens, automatic row shutoffs for planters.  Components do not include handheld systems for recreation or automobiles.

Solar Powered Water Systems components approved:  Photovoltaic (PV) panels, mounting brackets for the panels, mounting post(s), tracker systems, controller that conditions the output of the PV panels, batteries, DC water pump, float switch, water pipe, water storage tanks, base or platform for the tanks, electrical wiring, flow gauge (water), switches.

Irrigation Improvements components approved:  Flow meters, controllers for pulse irrigation, solenoid valves for each zone, electrical wire from the valves to the controller, drip emitters for drip irrigation, irrigation nozzles and PVC pipe to replace aluminum pipe, Tier III or Tier IV diesel engines.

Dairy Facility Improvements components approved: Variable frequency/variable speed drives for vacuum pumps, water-cooled plate coolers for milk pre-cooling, heat reclaimers for air compressors, scroll air compressors, high-volume low-speed (HVLS) cooling fans, paddle fans, and thermostats.

Swine Facility Improvements components approved:  High-volume low-speed (HVLS) cooling fans, paddle fans, and thermostats.

Poultry Facility Improvements components approved:  High-volume low-speed (HVLS) cooling fans, paddle fans, and thermostats.

Upgrade/New Grain Dryers components approved:  Burner and fan retrofit for existing systems, stirators, and total new dryer systems.

Lighting Upgrades/Motion Sensors/Timers components approved:  Retrofit of entire lighting systems in an existing building, fixtures, bulbs, timers and sensors.

Conservation Tillage Equipment components approved:  Combine straw spreaders, planters, bedders, ridge-till cultivators, coulters, tool bars, drills, vertical tillage equipment, high residue harrows, and residue managers.

High Efficiency Electric Motors components approved:  High-efficiency and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium electric motors.

Biomass Furnaces/Boilers for Other than Poultry Houses components approved:  Furnaces (both air and water heat systems) that burn wood, wood pellets, corn and large bales of hay/straw for other than poultry house heating.  Dual fuel furnaces are not eligible.

Other components approved

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