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Urban League weatherization crew replaces a furnace at a St. Louis home under <br />Energize Missouri Homes. The energy efficiencies completed in this home will save the <br />homeowner $290 on their annual utility costs.
Groundbreaking ceremony at Springfields Wastewater Treatment Plant. The green improvements
include a newer energy-efficient ozone generation system that will save the facility approximately $6 million
over the next 20 years. Photo of State Officials at the groundbreaking ceremony for
Springfields new Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or Recovery Act, signed into law on Feb. 17, 2009, provides $787 billion across the nation as a direct response to the economic crisis. The act has three immediate goals:  

In addition to offering financial aid, the Recovery Act is targeted at infrastructure development and enhancement. For instance, the Act plans investment in the domestic renewable energy industry and the weatherizing of 75 percent of federal buildings as well as more than one million private homes around the country.  While many of Recovery Act projects are focused more immediately on jumpstarting the economy, others, especially those involving infrastructure improvements, are expected to contribute to economic growth for many years.

Department of Natural Resources - Recovery Act Projects

ARRA distribution mapThe department will receive approximately $358 million in direct Recovery Act funding.  Approximately $347 million, or 97 percent, will be passed on to local communities, contractors, etc. These federal recovery dollars will help create jobs for Missourians now, and transform our economy for the years to come. Recovery Act funds will also allow Missouri to build strong foundations through vital infrastructure projects, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and help improve the environment, as well as the health and welfare of our citizens.

The department's Recovery Act projects are included in five broad categories.

Other ARRA opportunities

Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program, Justice Assistance Grant

This is a competitive grant that will allow the department to install new light bars on eight Division of State Parks Ranger patrol vehicles. These new lights will increase visibility of the squad cars when responding to calls for assistance, and assist in illuminating crime and accident scenes. The extra visibility will make it safer for the officer, the other vehicles at the scene and approaching motorists.

Department Leadership Coordination Efforts

To help increase the amount of Recovery Act federal funding for Missouri, the department established a team of staff to inventory potential Recovery Act funding opportunities.  While the department did not receive funding directly, the department can provide assistance to communities, businesses or individuals in obtaining Recovery Act funding.  Potential funding will help provide additional jobs, improve our economy and environment, as well as the health and welfare of our state citizens.

The department will continue to meet weekly/bi-weekly with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Administration, National Association of State Budget Offices, Department of Energy and other organizations to ensure successful coordination of Recovery Act funds.  The department is also meeting with many of our sister agencies including, Department of Economic Development, Missouri Department of Transportation, Department of Higher Education, Department of Agriculture, as well as, coordinating and meeting with federal, community and business partners to ensure success for all involved.

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