Public Drinking Water Branch

Consumer Confidence Reports

Each year, by July 1, community water supplies are required to make Consumer Confidence Reports available to their customers. These reports enable Missourians to make knowledgeable decisions about their health and their environment and provide consumers with the following information:

Consumer Confidence Reports are updated annually by April 1. 
Information and instructions for community water supplies can be found at the following links along with the required certification form that must be submitted to the department by Oct. 1 each year.

Letter to Community Water Supplies - CCR Packet Letter
Instructions for Preparing the Consumer Confidence Report
Key to Instructions for CCR
Consumer Confidence Report Distribution Certification--MO 780-2212
Using eCCR Direct Delivery - Instructional Video for Water Systems

As part of our commitment to to public health protection and the public's right to know, the Department of Natural Resources is making it easier for community water systems to get their Consumer Confidence Reports into the the hands of their customers. The table below contains Consumer Confidence Reports for community water systems in Missouri.

Consumer Confidence Reports