Division of Environmental Quality

The Department Provides Services Valuable To Your Life, Health and Community

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources cleans up dangerous and hazardous materials 24-hours a day, seven days a week. From tire dumps to meth labs, here are some scenes of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in action across Missouri.

Treecycling: How to Properly Dispose of Christmas Trees - It is it illegal for Missouri landfills to accept yard wastes or Christmas trees but several environmentally sound disposal methods for Christmas trees are available.

Hyperspectral Imagery - Special cameras in Civil Air Patrol planes are helping the department locate contamination.

Abandoned Coal Mine Land Reclamation Project - Bee Hollow Conservation Area - The Bee Hollow Reclamation Project reclaimed approximately 10 acres of abandoned coal mine lands near Excello in Macon County.  These lands were surface mined prior to the 1950's.   The reclamation site is on public property owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation, known as the Bee Hollow Conservation Area.

Recovery Act Funds Diesel Idling Project Reducing Locomotive Emissions in Kansas City - The Missouri Department of Natural Resources recognized the Mid-America Regional Council and the Kansas City Southern Railway Company for a project that will help reduce diesel emissions and improve air quality in Kansas City.

1st Solar Powered Air Monitor in Missouri - For the first time in Missouri, solar panels are being used to power an air monitor.  Using solar panels instead of propane to power the monitor will save thousands of dollars in energy costs. 

Reduced Idling Campaign Kicks Off at Springfield, Missouri School - On Friday, April 30, 2010, The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Springfield Public Schools officially kicked off a campaign to reduce school-zone idling at all schools. The event featured speakers from both organizations at David Harrison Elementary School in Springfield.

Recovery Act Funds Reuse at Underground Storage Tank Site in St. Louis -The Missouri Department of Natural Resources used Recovery Act funds to work at the former tank site located at 4067 Delmar in St. Louis.  Data collected indicates soil and groundwater petroleum contamination does not pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment.  The site is available for residential or non-residential use.

Recovery Act Funds Addressing a Leaking Underground Storage Tank in McGirk, Missouri - An abandoned petroleum underground storage tank site is being cleaned up using funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 

Recovery Act Funds Missouri Drinking Water Improvements at Monroe County PWSD #2 - The Missouri Department of Natural Resources provided a $1,065,250 grant and a $1,065,200 loan through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts State Revolving Fund program. In addition to the Recovery Act funding, the department awarded a $310,103 Rural Water grant.

Ray County Tire Fire Department Responds to Ray County Tire Fire

Polk County Tire Fire Department Responds to Polk County Tire Fire

Dunklin County Tire Fire Department Responds to Dunklin County Tire Fire

Photo of Department of Natural Resources emergency response by Don Frazier/Southeast Missourian Corrosive Chemical Leak North of Cape Girardeau Cleaned Up

Waste Tires Scrap Tires Are Everywhere...From Country Roads to Urban Homes

Illegal dumping videos Illegal dumping videos
The department uses surveillance cameras at dumpsites across Missouri to combat illegal dumping.

Oil reaches the beach at a Mississippi River pipeline leak Cleaning an Abandoned Pipeline Leak in the Mississippi River in St. Charles County

An abandoned Kansas City railway is now the Westside Business Park with redevelopment help from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program Redevelopment in Kansas City Guided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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