Water Resources Center

Staff Directory

Administration and Support
Director of Policy
Jefferson City
Water Resources Center, Acting Director
Jefferson City

Administrative Office Support Assistant

Jefferson City
Administrative Office Support Assistant
Interstate Waters
Karen Rouse Section Chief 573-751-0648 Jefferson City
Bob Bacon State Hydrologist 573-751-6632 Jefferson City

Matt Vitello

Environmental Engineer

573-522-2119 Jefferson City
Sreedhar Upendram Economist 573-526-6547 Jefferson City
Bryan Hopkins Policy Coordination 573-526-1966 Jefferson City
Surface Water, Wetlands and Planning
Steve McIntosh Section Chief 573-751-7823 Jefferson City

Charles DuCharme


573-751-3682 Jefferson City
Michael Weller Environmental Engineer 573-522-6772 Jefferson City

Erin Lepper

Environmental Engineer

573-526-9021 Jefferson City

Frank Dolan

Environmental Engineer

573-526-9022 Jefferson City
John Horton Hydrologist 573-522-1764 Jefferson City
Dam and Reservoir Safety

Bob Clay

Chief Engineer

573-368-2177 Rolla

Glenn Lloyd

Civil Engineer

573-368-2176 Rolla

Paul Simon

Civil Engineer

573-368-2179 Rolla
Ryan Stack

Civil Engineer

573-368-2178 Rolla

Scott Kaden

Section Chief 573-368-2194 Rolla

Scotty Baumgartner

Unit Chief/Hydrologist

573-368-2113 Rolla
Kurt Hollman Hydrologist 573-368-2188 Rolla
Billy Reed Technical Assistant 573-368-0914 Rolla
Justin Burrus Technical Assistant 573-368-2180 Rolla

Cynthia Brookshire

Unit Chief/Hydrologist

573-368-2192 Rolla
Alica Alexander Geologist 573-368-2151 Rolla

David Erickson


573-368-2332 Rolla
Jacob Rohter Technical Assistant 573-368-2486 Rolla

Brian Fredrick


417-891-4392 Springfield
Tracey Mason Geologist 573-368-2485 Rolla