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New Rock Port Welcome Center opened June 27 – Features Ground Source Heating Systems and More! Facility also educates about oil and gas production in the region – Southbound motorists traveling Interstate 29 near Rock Port, Missouri are encouraged to visit a brand new facility to welcome them to the state. The Rock Port Welcome Center in Atchison County officially opened to the public at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 27 during a formal dedication ceremony, according to the Missouri Division of Tourism and the Missouri Department of Transportation. Be sure to see the display in the welcome center that addresses oil and gas in Missouri.  Learn more about oil and gas in Missouri. Also, read about the energy efficient makeover of our facilities in Rolla in which we installed ground source heat pump systems, energy-efficient lighting with occupancy sensors, and Low-E windows that enable us to dramatically increase energy efficiency.  The new center is located on I-29 just south of the town of Rock Port. (Please note that because the welcome center is designed to service travelers just entering Missouri, it is accessible only from southbound I-29.)

2012 Great Central U.S. ShakeOut a Success!

ShakeOut with us!Thanks to everyone who participated Feb. 7 in the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut!  more than 2.4 million people across nine states participated by practicing DROPING to the ground, taking COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and HOLDING ON until the exercise ended.

Learn more about earthquake potential in Missouri. Visit the ShakeOut website for more information about preparedness.

Bill Duley

Bill Duley, former Assistant State Geologist and Deputy Director, encourages citizens to loan the department historic maps of abandoned underground coal mines. In our continuing effort to protect citizens and expand our existing coal mine database, the maps will be scanned, entered in to the database and returned to owners. Read more and watch our YouTube video featuring Bill as Miner Gus.


EarthScope Seismographs in Missouri -- The USArray Transportable Array
Earthscope, a program of the National Science Foundation, consists of various experiments to examine the seismicity of the North American Continent.  One component of EarthScope is the USArray Transportable Array, a network of 400 high-quality seismographs that are being placed in temporary sites across the United States in a regular grid pattern with station spacing of about 44 miles.  After a residence time of two years, instruments are moved to the next carefully selected location on the eastern edge of the array.  Stations began arriving in Missouri in 2010 and all are now in place.  See if one is near your town.  Many stations are on private property, so please honor property rights.  Stations transmit data to the Array Network Facility at the University of California, San Diego.  The information will provide new insight to address fundamental questions in earthquake physics, volcanic processes, core-mantle interactions, tectonics, continental structure, and more.  Once the project is completed in 2012, data will have been collected from nearly 2,000 locations.  Read the POPSCI article announcing EarthScope as one of the Universe's Ten Most Epic Projects.


Traveling I-55, southbound?  Be sure to visit the Visit the Marston Welcome Center, located at exit 42.4 -- Geological Survey Program director Jerry Prewett and other invited guests spoke during the May 24 ribbon cutting ceremony, celebrating the completion of the facility.  The center highlights the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12 and the region's rich culture.        

Citizen assistance requested to locate maps of abandoned underground coal mine -- As part of a continuing effort to protect citizens and expand its existing database of abandoned underground coal mines, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is seeking help from Missouri citizens and industry in locating historic maps of abandoned underground coal mines. Watch video.

Roadside Geology of Missouri book and other educational items offered for sale a Missouri Geology Store -- As you plan road trips throughout the year, consider ordering your copy of Roadside Geology of Missouri.

Show-Me ShakeOut Video Contest Winners Announced -- Students from Ballwin, Dent County and Rolla were recently named winners in the statewide earthquake preparedness video contest.

Earthquake Preparedness in Missouri -- Missourians learn how to protect themselves, their homes and businesses in case of an earthquake. View video.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Water Well Technology Conference held June 19, 2011

National Level Exercise 2011 was May 16-20 -- This year, the bicentennial of the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812, Missourians took part in a five-day training exercise focused on a coordinated local, state and federal response to a magnitude 7.7 New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) earthquake.

Well Installation Board Meeting held Friday, May 13, 2011 -- Video archive.

The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut a Success -- We hope you joined us Thursday, April 28 at 10:15 a.m. for the largest earthquake preparedness exercise in Central U.S. history. More than 3 million people in an eleven-state region are registered to participate in the earthquake drill April 28, 2011, at 10:15 a.m.

Show-Me ShakeOut Video Contest Winners Announced -- Students from Ballwin, Dent County and Rolla were recently named winners in the statewide earthquake preparedness video contest.

Earthquake Preparedness in Missouri -- Missourians learn how to protect themselves, their homes and businesses in case of an earthquake. View video.

Popular Rock and Mineral sets donated by Hutcheson Ford to St. James Middle School -- The St. James School District recently received a rock-solid donation in which Butch Tucker, owner of Hutcheson Ford Sales in St. James, donated eight Missouri Rock and Mineral Sets. 


Earth Science Week 2010 -- During Earth Science Week, geologists shared information about the earth sciences with Rolla second grade students when they visited the Rolla campus to learn about rocks, minerals, fossils and ways they can protect the environment. Other activities included presentations to Cub Scout groups in Washington, Missouri. The First Annual National Fossil Day was observed during Earth Science Week, Oct. 10-16.

State survey to play key role in geothermal energy search in Missouri -- The hunt for renewable geothermal energy in Missouri and the nation just got a little easier as part of a $17.79 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy project to assess geothermal energy resources across the country, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri Geological Survey will receive approximately $300,000 during the next three years (news release) and see related article: Rolla's Energy Efficient Makeover -- The Buehler and Annex buildings in Rolla are two of the most energy-efficient office buildings operated by Missouri state government.

ACSM Bulletin In Point of Fact -- Positioning Missouri for the future

Earthquake Insight Field Trip -- Field Trip filled to capacity.  Check in back for next year's trip that will take place in the St. Louis area. -- The seventh Earthquake Insight Field Trip will be held Oct. 6-8, 2010.  Beginning and ending in Memphis, this field trip is an intense, professional development experience.  It includes one-on-one discussions with technical experts and travel to important earthquake-related sites in the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone.  The trip is sponsored by the US Geological Survey and is led by geoscientists and engineers.  Business professionals, elected leaders, infrastructure managers, and others who need to understand earthquake hazards and earthquake risks in the central US should consider attending.  The trip is especially for those in lending, equity, insurance, production, business continuity, logistics, utilities, planning, infrastructure and related areas.  There is a cost to cover field trip transportation, meals, hotels and a guidebook.  Contact Phyllis Steckel psteckel@charter.net (636-239-4013) for information or to register for the event.  See the final report of the first Earthquake Insight Field Trip.

2010 New Madrid Seismic Zone Conference held Oct. 19-20 in Cape Girardeau -- This two-day conference brought together emergency management officials and scientific and technical experts to hear information about a variety of topics related to earthquakes. Those included lessons learned from recent earthquakes, state and federal level planning efforts in Missouri, and the upcoming bicentennial observance of the 1811-12 great New Madrid earthquakes.

New Madrid Quakes: USGS Scientist Dispels Errant Report from National Public Radio (WKMS) -- A little information, out of context, can be dangerous. ...more

Five new geologic maps published -- Areas of map coverage include portions of Callaway and Osage counties. Bedrock and surficial material maps are available for Mokane West and Luystown quadrangles. ...more

Rolla's Energy Efficient Makeover.

During the month of February, the department participated in numerous statewide events to raise awareness about earthquake hazards in Missouri. 

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010 -- A magnitude 2.8 earthquake occurred near Cape Girardeau 11:37 p.m.  Learn more about earthquakes in Missouri and the Central U.S.

Earthquake Awareness Activities in Missouri -- Missourians experience small earthquakes weekly. This is especially true in southeast Missouri and to mark earthquake awareness month in Missouri, the department, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), the Missouri Seismic Safety Commission and others are partnered during the month of February to provide critical information to Missourians about earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ).

Gillman chosen as lead geologist in multi-state earthquake association -- Joe Gillman, state geologist and Missouri Geological Survey director with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, was selected as coordinator for the Association of Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) State Geologists.

Earth Science Week October 11-172009

Earth Science Week 2009, October 11-17

MGS staff members helped spread science literacy to benefit Missourians by speaking to students in area classrooms and at outdoor venues during Earth Science Week.           ...more

See Gov. Jay Nixon's proclamation

Check out the Earth Science Week website!

Enter a Contest

Department hosts National Coal Resources Conference -- Geologists and other coal resources experts from around the nation, met at the Department of Natural Resources' Missouri Geological Survey campus last week to discuss work regarding the National Coal Resources Data System.

International Scientists visit Missouri Cave and Springs -- An International group of speleologists and geologists participated in a three hour lantern tour of Round Spring Cave near Eminence.

Edith Starbuck awarded Best Poster Presentation at Missouri GIS Conference.

Department of Natural Resources to Play Key Role in Green job Creation Under New Director -- Missouri Senate confirms Mark N. Templeton as Director of Department of Natural Resources.