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If you have an outdated computer or two in your basement or old cell phones packed away in a box, you’re not alone. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household. With a constant supply of newer, faster electronic products on the market, older models are continually replaced. As a result, electronics have become one of the fastest growing waste streams. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 2 million tons of televisions, cell phones, computer products and other electronics are disposed each year. Currently, only about 20 percent of these materials are recycled.

Picture of a computer in the trash can.Why Recycle?

To Protect Your Health and the Environment - Did you know computer monitors and older televisions contain an average of four pounds of lead? In addition to lead, electronics can contain chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and brominated flame retardants. Properly reusing or recycling electronics prevents these heavy metals and other toxic materials from polluting our environment.

To Create Local Jobs - Existing companies will hire more people to meet the growing workload. As the demand for electronics recycling grows, so will the need for new e-cycling business, especially in areas that don't already have drop-off centers. 

To Support Your Community - By donating your unwanted, working electronics to a school or charity, you are providing that school, a low-income family, or non-profit agency with refurbished computers, cell phones, and other electronics. You are helping that person or group access technology that they could not otherwise afford.

To Conserve Our Natural Resources - Valuable material can be recovered from old electronics, and these materials can be used to make new products. Did you know gold, copper and other precious metals are used in computer circuit boards and other electronic components? Lead, glass and plastics are used in televisions and computer monitors. By recovering and reusing these materials, we reduce the need to mine for new raw materials. Besides being possibly disruptive to the environment, mining requires large amounts of energy.

How Can e-cycle Missouri Help?

E-cycle Missouri is a program designed by private, public and nonprofit recyclers, federal, state and local governments, manufacturers, environmental groups and retail organizations to provide you with the how and where information you need to recycle your electronics.  We provide electronic equipment recyclers and demanufacturers with best management practices for collecting, processing and transporting e-scrap in Missouri in a way that protects the environment. We also help individuals and businesses choose a recycler that best meets their needs.


Special Note For Businesses, Non-Profits, Schools

Did you know that all businesses, non-profits, schools and public agencies in Missouri are required by law to properly manage certain discarded electronics? Some electronics may be classified as hazardous waste. Computer monitors, televisions, circuit boards and other electronics contain heavy metals so they cannot legally be disposed in the trash. Reuse or recycling through a registered e-cycle Missouri recycler will help ensure that your facility complies with the law.

For additional information on the legal requirements, contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Hazardous Waste Program, at 573-751-3176 or 800-361-4827, or by email.